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a part replayed from a perfect day
31 December 2037 @ 08:12 pm
a part replayed from a perfect day
29 October 2011 @ 10:45 pm
Do you play a musical instrument? For how long?
- piano, back in 2nd grade through 5th grade.
- violin, in 5th to 6th grade.
- guitar, all through junior high from 1999-2001.
- drums in high school.
- and i dunno if this actually counts, but i used to be in an angklung orchestra in school, i was a proud pitcher of two tones! haha.
- and i tried my hands at gamelan for a bit in uni. wanted to play kendang but got gendèr instead. didn't last long though.

so maybe i was born curious.. :p
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a part replayed from a perfect day
13 February 2011 @ 06:40 pm
 i just created a new Tumblr (the old one got very well abandoned :/).


in case anyone wants to follow me (which would be much appreciated, by the way!)
a part replayed from a perfect day
07 October 2010 @ 09:12 pm
 i wanted to post this in ontd_fb but since there are so many Forlan fangirls there i'm probably just gonna end up getting verbally crucified or something.

anyway, some unpleasant news which happened right here in my city of Jakarta..

Forlan snubs international duty
Family ties mean striker protests against Indonesia match

Uruguay striker Diego Forlan has refused to play in Friday's friendly against Indonesia in protest after his brother was snubbed as an organiser for the fixture.

The Uruguayan Football Association (UFA) confirmed earlier on Wednesday that the Atletico Madrid star would not be participating in Jakarta, but a reason was not provided.

Forlan's father, Pablo, has since revealed that the former Manchester United forward will not feature in the match because his brother, also named Pablo, was turned down by the UFA when proposing to organise the match.

"(Diego's brother Pablo) had the chance to set up the match and it ended up being arranged by someone else," former Uruguay international Pablo Forlan senior said on radio 1410amlibre.

"How would one brother react if the other went to the match that he was (originally) going to fix?"

He added: "Diego is not going for that reason."

Forlan, who was a joint top scorer at this summer's World Cup with five goals, will instead be travelling direct to China for Uruguay's match in Wuhan on 12th October.


he really should've seen how fucking excited all of Jakarta football fans were. in fact, we were told that the only stars joining the team line-up were gonna be Suarez and him. seriously, his name was one of the first two that was confirmed, and suddenly he just bailed out like that. and everybody else went. Lugano, Muslera, Caceres, everybody. and he bunked off cos he's sulking over his brother? what the hell, Diego? aren't you supposed to be.. err i dunno, professional? and i am so shaking my head over the fact that he said yes to China but no to indonesia. does his brother get to run the China game? 

i got this from a local newspaper: the Indonesian FA paid $ 448,000 to get the Uruguayan team to fly down here, and guess what? $ 20,000 goes to Forlan alone, for his "personal match fee". what a superstar.

seriously. he disappointed Indonesia.
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a part replayed from a perfect day
28 August 2010 @ 04:23 am

you know people who just never bother to cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough? and people who prefer snot rockets than sniffing to a tissue paper? ..yeah my Dad's the worst of their lot, and now i've caught his flu and i can't even lie down. major poo-ness :(

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a part replayed from a perfect day
25 August 2010 @ 07:54 am
Would you want to live forever? Does your answer change depending on whether or not everyone else gets to live forever as well?

what, and experience the hurt of watching everybody else around me die? no thanks.
a part replayed from a perfect day
16 August 2010 @ 12:40 am
 i'm just going to pretend i totally did not watch Liverpool play Arsenal and put up a spam of Werder against Rot Weiss Ahlen yesterday, yes?

Nach links, nach rechts, bewegt Eure Hüften und tanzt den Andree Wiedener!Collapse )

this picture post was brought to you by a very awkward Astronautix:

lol, aw bless.

p.s: i might do these football related picspams on a regular basis (and also for the public to see), y/n?
p.p.s: work tomorrow. poo :(
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a part replayed from a perfect day
look, I know Argentina played damn good today, especially one Gonzalo Higuain, man, isn't he special..

but something REALLY annoyed me.

I swear idk how it happened, but everyone's gone "OMG FOOTBALL IS MY LIFE!!" on Twitter, INCLUDING the ones who used to have problems with me livetweeting football matches. hypocrite much?

and the girls seemed to be really impressed with Higuain, all of them just somehow developed this kind of public horniness on Pipita. and everytime there's a shot of him on the teev, everyone just goes "aaaah that face", "aaaaah that sexy butt", "OMGZ MARRY ME HOT STUFF" and all.

honestly, it was as if I was watching him being verbally groped by all these girls.

..and the sad thing is, almost none of these "fans"/"admirers" even knew what club he plays for.

I even received a reply saying "why do you keep saying Pipita? that's Higuain!". ..yeah, whatev. I mean, all these "football fans" are making me sick. a friend who happens to be one of these "fans" argued at some point, "can't I enjoy the World Cup even if I don't like football?". I can only find it really stupid. can you seriously enjoy a football cup without liking football? where's the logic in that? I mean, COME ON!

call me an elitist bitch or whatever, but this is seriously making me uncomfortable.
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a part replayed from a perfect day

i really don't get why people need to create drama even in places like Twitter.

so i was trying to catch up with the world by watching the Grammys, right. didn't go down well, to be honest. i'll let you see how it went through my eyes: 

clickity to see my tweetsCollapse )

now, i guess that wasn't so bad was it? i mean, i did say nice things too after all..
but somehow, my "Twitter friends" (if there is such thing..) thought i was being too cruel and stuff.
somehow, they (not all of them, but there was this collective bunch) began protesting me, some even said i'm "the one with no taste", they made it sound as if i've committed blasphemy.

in particular, there was this huge Beyonce fan in my timeline who was so butthurt upon me not liking his heroine, he just kept making negative comments every time i made a positive remark. ha, like that's gonna get to my head :D

now, i just had to laugh at them, no? i mean, seriously. my Twitter account, my mind, my opinions.
if they didn't like me so much, surely all they had to do was just unfollow me.
i mean, i'm not the type who would go "why did you unfollow me? waaaaaahhh i'm so sad i'm gonna go kill myself, life is no longer worth living! i have no more friends here!", i'd have no probs with people unfollowing me. i'd still have my real friends, after all :p

seriously, some people should just learn to lighten up :D
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a part replayed from a perfect day
01 December 2009 @ 04:06 pm
Is there any song you'll never grow tired of hearing? If so, what is it, how long have you loved it, and why?

Jason Donovan - Any Dream Will Do.

first listened to it when it came out in 1991 (i was in kindergarten back then), i think it was the first ever song that i could memorize as a kid. been listening to it ever since, and no i will never get bored of it :D
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